Favorite Recipes from the Keto Diet...

Hi Warriors! As you may or may not know by now... we LOVE a challenge - espeically when it relates to fitness or nutrition. If you follow us on Social Media you have watched us navigate the Keto diet over the last month. Needless to say, a diet that focuses on deriving most of its calories from pure unadulterated fat, the results are DELICIOUS (fat is flavor after all)!

Here are a few of our favorite recipes from our Keto adventures. Truth be told it is not an easy diet to transition into and we hope that these recipes will better help you ease you into the "non carb zone" - ENJOY!

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Squats: The Unchallenged King of all Exercises

Whether you know it or not your fitness journey began long before you walked into a gym or laced up your running shoes.  As a matter of fact it began before you could fit in those shoes!  Not long after we learned to walk (and sometimes even before) we squatted.  

Let’s look at why the squat simply cannot be ignored in our fitness programming, and honestly our daily life.  A good old fashioned squat is unequivocally, unchallenged, and without a doubt The King of All Exercises, and here are a 5 reasons why.

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Fat for Fuel? Our Ketogenic Diet challenge...

Hi Warriors! As you may or may not know by now... we LOVE a challenge - espeically when it relates to fitness or nutrition. After seeing a few posts on Social Media and hearing first hand accounts from some of our favorite Podcast personalities, we decided to give the increasingly popular Ketogenic Diet a try. The goal is 30 days with the potential to extend if we are feeling as great as everyone claims we will. So here it goes... 

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The (De) Evolution of Fitness Part 2: Nutrition

Throughout time man has been blessed with natural resources beyond belief.  Food is everywhere.  Wild animals to hunt, plants to harvest, and the human brain to combine them.  Our ancestors used everything at their disposal for survival and nutrition was the foundation of daily life.  It’s what 80% of our time consisted of.  There were no refrigerators for leftovers, microwaves for a quick meal, or even a Ziploc bag to keep things air tight.  The planning it must have taken to keep you and your family nourished and thriving is unthinkable.  If you run out of Buffalo, you have to go find, hunt, and kill another buffalo.  And you better believe everything down to the bones where used and sister didn’t turn her nose up if it wasn’t “lean”.  Bring on the fat!

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Pad Thai Chicken Zoodle Salad

This is recipe it too perfect not to share with our Warriors! I was amazed at how fast, easy and tasty this recipe was - and it made plenty for leftovers (always a plus in my book)!! Bonus... there is a recipe for the perfect roast chicken (without turning on the oven) and a quick video on how to turn zucchini into your new favorite pasta substitute! Enjoy my fellow Fit.Fab.Foodies...

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3 Tips to bring mindfulness to your meals

I recently came across the word “mindfulness” and how much joy can be found when you take time to appreciate the present moment without planning for the future or reflecting on the past. 

One of the elements of mindfulness that spoke to me the most was eating with purpose. How often do we rush through a meal, only halfheartedly paying attention to what we are putting into our bodies while we return emails, watch TV or rush around gathering things before we head out the door for the day? Here are three easy ways to slow down and experience the true purpose of eating, “to eat”…

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The (De) Evolution of Fitness Part 1: Training

Fitness has certainly changed throughout time.  Beginning as a necessary part of human life for survival in hunting and gathering cultures, evolving to physical training for warfare and weapon mastery, bringing us to where we are at our present time of recreational activity and competitive sports.  In theory each generation has passed on skill sets and tools to the next, for improvement and refinement.

So we are at the peak right?

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5 easy (and free) ways to improve your health TODAY

Welcome to the brand new Warrior Fitness Jax BLOG! For our  1st post, I wanted to focus on sharing my fitness philosophy and some of the basic principles and concepts that have been passed on to me by amazing coaches & mentors. Things that I truly hope can benefit you as much as they have me.  So here are (in my humble opinion) the 5 most important things we can do to improve our health that we cannot get from any product or service, and best of all they don’t cost a thing!

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