Fat for Fuel? Our Ketogenic Diet challenge...


Hi Warriors! As you may or may not know by now... we LOVE a challenge - espeically when it relates to fitness or nutrition. After seeing a few posts on Instagram and hearing first hand accounts from some of our favorite Podcast personalities, we decided to give the increasingly popular Ketogenic Diet a try. The goal is 30 days with the potential to extend if we are feeling as great as everyone claims we will. So here it goes... 

 This was our first full week of the "Great Keto Experiment" and needless to say, a diet that focuses on deriving most of its calories from pure unadulterated fat, the results are DELICIOUS! So what is the "Keto Diet" and why did we feel the need to jump in for the challenge? 

I won't bore you with too many facts (Google is a fabulous resource for all things Keto) but I think it is important  that I pass along the basics of the diet before I start handing out recipes and suggestions...

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A Ketogenic Diet (keto for short) is a low carb (I'm talking extreme 50 grams or less per day) high fat (more than seems natural, healthy or even possible at first) and moderate protein (basically all meat & dairy should be full fat or you are wasting your time). This regime forces the body to switch it's primary fuel source from Glucose (energy created from carb conversion in the pancrease)  to Ketones (energy created from fat breakdowns in the liver). Ketosis is a natural process the body undergoes when it endures stress (starvation, severe lack of glycogen etc..) and overtime it becomes used to the idea of burning fat instead of carbs and the results can be fantastic!

Unlilke typical "fad/crash" diets, Keto does not command a starvation of calories, but rather a starvation of carbs. For most people the "transformation" period takes approx 7-14 days. This stage can be pretty tough, especially if you don't pay enough attention to your electrolytes (a mix of salt, magnesium and potassium that naturally occurs in the body) or consume enough fat during the day (sounds weird I know). "Keto Flu" is real (I'm speaking from experience here people!) and causes extreme fatigue (like "all I want to do is stay in bed today" kind of tired), cloudy head, and an unshakable headache that water and even Advil can't cure. 

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No fear, once you "dial in" your macro nutrients properly (typically 75% fat, 20% & 5% carbs) you should experience the Fabulousness that is Keto! Most people report increased energy & mental clarity, significant reduction in inflamation, more stable blood sugar (goodbye late afternoon & midnight cravings) and the ever elusive weight loss. 

And the food! Don't get me started on the giddiness a foodie like me experiences from getting the "green light" on cooking with fat! As we all know, FAT IS FLAVOR and this weeks meals didn't disappoint! 

Want more detailed info on the Keto Diet? This site was my favorite for complete info & an easy to follow meal plan to help you get started... Everything you Need to Know about Keto

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We hope you enjoyed the first edition of our Fit. Fab. Foodie weekly BLOG! Here we will be sharing our favorite recipes, basic nutrition info, diet challenges/hacks & our own personal experiences with different "trendy" diets (Whole 30, intermittent fasting and most recently Ketogenic). We always welcome your comments and questions and hope that you find something that help you in your journey toward optimum health! 

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