5 easy (and free) ways to improve your health TODAY

I am overwhelmed with excitement about the launch of Warrior Fitness Jax!  My instinct with our first Blog post was to dive into content relating to our new company but after thinking about it a little more, I decided to write the first blog a little differently than most people might expect (myself included!). I wanted to focus on sharing some of the basic principles and concepts that have been passed on to me by amazing coaches & mentors. Things that I truly hope can benefit you as much as they have me.  So here are (in my humble opinion) the 5 most important things we can do to improve our health that we cannot get from any product or service, and best of all they don’t cost a thing!

1)       Move

I’m not talking about running, lifting weights, steel mace training, or even walking (see…no exercise).  What I’m talking about is purposeful movement of our bodies.  The human spine and its connective tissue was not designed to be at a desk for hours, or our heads hung low checking Instagram late into the evening.  We are bipedal beings that where designed for movement and our body craves it.  Stretch.  Take your shoes off and wiggle your toes into the earth.  Stand up from your desk for absolutely no reason at all but for acknowledgement that you can, and you should.  Be proud and have gratitude for your body because it is the single greatest gift you have ever been given.

2)      Breathe

Sounds like the easiest one right?  Well it is and it isn’t.  Obviously if our involuntary lung muscles fail us here the other four things don’t matter. What I am talking about is deep, body filling breathes.  If you have ever taken a yoga class, been punched in the belly, or even been dizzy you know the benefit of an abundance of rich oxygen to your blood means.  But just like so many things we take for granted often times when we focus on our breathe…really focus…is when we are in need or gasping for air.  Get into a practice of consciously focusing on your breathe a few times a day.  Set a reminder on your phone. Do it before meals.  It will increase circulation and ready your body to call on that breathe pattern in crisis times when it really does need it.

3)      Pray

No, John 3:16 is not the next sentence.  Regardless if you believe in God or don’t, this will apply to you.  Still your mind once a day.  Preferably in the morning.  This is without a doubt the most critical time of the day for all of us and can often determine positive or negative energy that will follow you throughout the day.  In this prayer remove the word “I want” and replace it with “thank you”.  Be thankful for good and bad experiences that have, and will shape your life and come to a basic understanding that most, if not everything is completely out of your control.  When your soul connects to the deep truths of that you will free up a lot more energy to fulfill meaningful tasks.  Oh yeah, “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten son.”  Hahaha…gotcha.

4)      Eat

It’s not what you eat that I am at all concerned with believe it or not, it’s how you eat.  There are literally thousands of blogs, books, diets etc that will provide that information…I’m not here to tell you any of them are good or bad because honestly they are all a little of both.  Now you’re BODY does desire fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and healthy fats.  However your MIND craves sugar, salt, and processed foods at times.  Whether you eat either be at peace with both.  Don’t have a parade after you have a salad under 300 calories or give yourself a black eye because you had a slice of pecan pie.  Realize the benefits of both, don’t overdue either and find joy in breaking bread, even more joy if you get to do it in good company!

5)      Serve

When you truly rise above and beyond and selflessly serve your neighbor you have reached the pinnacle of humanity.  It is what separates us from other species, and unites cultures and countries across the globe.  To empower someone and genuinely give of yourself in any way to help their journey in life, no matter how large or small, is returned to you in forms of inspiration, courage, love, and gratitude.  No payment, title, or treasure is greater than this.

There you have it!  Five things we all can do to improve our health and performance TODAY, without shelling out a dime!  Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read.   We’re so excited to begin offering our Steel Mace classes beginning in June. We look forward to serving our community and to growing together in health, fitness, and wellness!!!  Till next time Warriors...

We truly hope you enjoyed Warrior Fitness Jax's first BLOG Post! Feel free to comment below on any of our ideas or post questions that you may have. The professionals at Warrior Fitness Jax are always available for quotes or questions regarding functional fitness, steel mace training and body flow movements. Contact us for more info on joining the warrior tribe!