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Chris Phillips - Onnit Certified Steel Mace Specialist, Certified Trainer

Weight and Resistance Training, Mobility and Rehab, Specialized Functional Training, Strength and Power Conditioning, Team and Individual Sports Training.  

About Chris

From his days of sneaking into the local Gym in Jax Beach before they even had a waiver for his parents to sign (True Story!) Chris has had a passion to learn about the human body and how it works!  Through competitive and individual sports, weight training and its modern evolution, study of nutrition, and the applicable art of unconventional training(Steel Mace, Steel Club, Kettlebell, Yoga etc)...Chris has developed a unique and simple philosophy that sets him apart. 

"In all my years of studying, practicing, and coaching I've come to one conclusion.  There are so many wonderful programs and systems to empower our health and fitness that there is no right or wrong way!  I have taken the very best practices, from the very best teachers and coaches, and created individual and group programs designed to challenge the mind, body, and soul. Whether you are an elite athlete or just getting started. I am a constant student never shutting the door to knowledge and incorporating new and cutting edge techniques along with ancient practices to achieve optimum results.  Above all, I am nothing if I am not of service to my fellow man and community. My goal is to empower you as an individual and as a group to learn, grow, and have fun with the greatest gift God has given us on earth...our bodies!" 

To dive a little deeper into Chris's training style, nutrition plan, and philosophy on health and wellness check out his BLOG

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Rachel Deremer - Certified Trainer & Nutrition Specialist 

HIIT Training, Strength Training, Nutrition & Weight Management, Certified Functional Training Specialist 

When did fitness become a part of your life: I was a mediocre athlete in High School and by the time I graduated college with a degree in Culinary Arts I was increasingly uncomfortable with my body image. After graduation I moved from the cool mountains of Colorado  to the sunny shores of Jacksonville, FL and found myself in a bathing suit  more than half the time. It didn't take long for me to recognize that those extra pounds I brought with me from Colorado had to go! I started slowly with a set of 5 lb hand weights and a Jillian Michael's DVD. It didn't take long for me to see results, and my love of fitness and the confidence it gave me, was born. 

Describe your fitness philosophy? Years ago I came across the perfect word to describe my overall philosophy in fitness and in life... "Kaizen" is the Japanese principle of "constant incremental improvement". As a self described "type A" person I love the idea of "constant improvement" for obvious reasons but the word "incremental" is also crucial, especially when you are training. It allows you to make changes & improvements slowly, methodically & correctly without the strain, injury and stress that rushing creates. - after all, "perfection cannot be rushed". 

What is your background in nutrition? As a trained chef, I am passionate about food and proper nutrition.Learning to cook for yourself is empowering and essential to sustainable health. I am happiests when I am sharing my experience, knowledge and love for good food with clients and friends! My company Fit.Fab.Foods focuses on educating clients on the simplicity of healthy eating and what proper nutrition really looks like. We teach simple techniques that empower people to take control of their relationship with food and learn to embrace it and what it can add to a healthy lifestyle. 

Favorite Quote: "It always seems impossible until it is done" - Nelson Mandela 

To dive a little deeper into Rachel's training style, nutrition plans (including favorite weekly recipes), and philosophy on health and wellness check out her BLOG