Debbie Holliday

"This morning was my first workout in many years! Chris was so great at modifying the moves for me. And he was so encouraging too. It was fun and challenging!...And at the beach!! I loved it. I am looking forward to going again on Wednesday night!"

Lundi Tacti

"After years of being a gym rat I finally found a workout that challenged me more then any machine or cable could! Highly recommend this workout."

Rebecca Bilbrey


"I was dieting and down 15 pounds when I hit a wall. I had heard about Warrior Fitness in Jax and even though I live in NYC I called Chris to get some advice. He shipped me a mace and we did FaceTime trainings to get me started. I lost 3.5 pounds my first week! I'm only a few pounds away from my goal weight but it almost doesn't even matter as the physical changes to my core are the results I was looking for! The best part about this workout is you can do it in your home on your schedule AND you can change it up each time. Thank you Chris and Warrior Fitness Jax for helping me make some much needed changes in my diet and exercise routine!"

Ryan Bilbrey

"A big thank you to Chris and Warrior Fitness Jax for redirecting me to a more fun, functional workout. Already seeing results. Keep up the good work!"

Leah Allen

"Warrior Fitness has helped me get back to the fundamentals of fitness. I feel strong and actually love my workouts...rather than dreading them. Chris is motivational and pushes me further than I thought I could go. I surprise myself every week!"

Shelly Williford

"Warrior Fitness with Chris is a great total body work out! You'll definitely use muscles you do not use in traditional weight lifting. Whether you're a beginner or a fitness expert, Warrior Fitness is fun and challenging at any level."