Fat for Fuel? Week 2 of our Ketogenic Diet challenge...

Hi Warriors! We are entering into week 2 of the Keto Diet and wanted to share an update with you. Chris and my experiences have been VERY different over the past week and I think the best way to keep it honest will be to share some excerpts from our social media posts this week... After all, Instragram never lies right?! 

CHRIS on Keto: 

Week 2 and we are cruising in full ketosis (according my handy dandy little strips). Just gonna list a few high/low lights of MY experience this past week, remember this is not an endorsement for Keto, just an unbiased experiment. 

Keto update week 2.PNG

▪️Down 2 lbs and about 2% body fat.(This is a LOT for me and not necessarily what I am going for)  Training has remained the same as well as calories.  I am not aiming for a deficit or a surplus, and pretty consistent around 3-3500 a day.  Interesting.

▪️Speaking of training, energy level is high, training is unaffected.  Strength gains are present.

▪️Sour stomach for a few days, not debilitating but it did suck.  Possible cause MCT oil overload or dining out I believe

▪️Satiation is legit crazy...I'm averaging 5-7 hours between meals and typically only eat twice a day.  Very weird for me...even after large meals in the past I would be hungry again in a few hours.

▪️No real cravings but I do miss the carbs, probably more mental.  I also miss the variety of foods.  Hard to rotate colorful fruits and veggies

▪️Most notable aspect is inflammation decrease.  As in it's non existent.  My ankle and shoulder are now bionic!  Gotta be careful when training not to push to hard

▪️Dining out is possible, did it twice.  Enjoyed my meal, but not a huge fan of limiting myself...the waiters face when I eat butter with coffee is pretty priceless.

Keto fat bomb.jpg

RACHEL on Keto

August 8th via Instagram: Eeeeek this Keto diet is really taking me out of my comfort zone today! It takes A LOT to shift your thinking from the traditional adage that "too much fat will make you gain weight, make you constipated and worse clog your arteries!" I keep telling myself this is a proven diet that many people follow with great success and even if it doesn't work for me it is an interesting experiement and isn't meant to last forever.... I say this as I am sipping on a delicious "fat bomb" shake for breakfast (after fasting for almost 16 hours).  I'm not going to lie I just about lost my mind when I saw the calorie & fat count!! Please someone tell me / reassure me that this diet isn't going to make me blow up?!?!?! I'm having a mild freak out! 😱


August 10th via Instagram: I honestly knocked my own socks off with this Greek #fritatta for #dinner tonight!!! And it fit almost perfectly with the recommended Keto diet of 70% fat, 10% carbs & 20 % protein 🙌🏻 This was seriously delicious! 😋 

Get the recipe here. 

pork rinds.jpg

August 12th via Instagram: KETO EXPERIMENT DAY 5: {Pushing the limits} Never in my life would I have considered snacking on pork rinds 😱 Keto is really changing the game here and I can't say I hate it 🤔😋 #keto #ketolife #porkrinds #snacks #trainers #fitfabfoods #fitfam #fitforlife #sogood #eeeeeats

Steak with mushrooms.JPG

 August 14th via Instagram: Although the transition has not been easy for me our #Keto #dinners always make me happy @warriorfitnessjax {ribeye #steak with balsamic glazed mushrooms & Point Reyes Bleu Cheese over #arugula} 🙌🏻 

August 14th via Facebook I am officially one week in to the full Keto diet and I have to admit the adjustment period has been much more difficult than I anticipated 😩 the "Keto flu" is real people and it is no joke! The severe lack of carbs and consequently the imbalance in electrolytes leaves you feeling tired, fatigued and headachy most of the time. I also have 0 motivation to do anything which is the opposite of my normal MO. I have been reading as much as possible and they say a typical adjustment period is 7-14 days - I'm hoping mine is in the shorter end because I have felt like waving the white flag everyday this week ☹️

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We hope you enjoyed the 2nd edition of our Fit. Fab. Foodie weekly BLOG! Here we will be sharing our favorite recipes, basic nutrition info, diet challenges/hacks & our own personal experiences with different "trendy" diets (Whole 30, intermittent fasting and most recently Ketogenic). We always welcome your comments and questions and hope that you find something that help you in your journey toward optimum health! 

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