Our Mission : 

To provide training & knowledge that promote health, longevity and performance while developing the warrior within YOU by combining unique techniques and tools that challenge and connect your mind, body and spirit. 

Our Philosophy : 

We believe in a "sustainable" approach to fitness that focuses on the body's natural movement and flow. Warrior Fitness Jax is an innovative  program designed to shed fat & build strength by combining unique tools and ancient techniques to create a fun, challenging workout that engages your body, mind and soul. No matter what your sports or fitness goals are, Warrior Fitness Jax will improve your mobility, strength, endurance and power. Whether you’re an seasoned athlete or looking to get fit – Warrior Fitness is for anyone who wants to get into their peak physical condition and have fun doing it!

Designed to work in a variety of formats, our program is great as a stand-alone workout or as a component of an existing training routine. Use one, some, or all of Warrior Fitness's tools to meet your specific goals.

Options include full-length classes, one on one sessions, and small group training. Individuals can maximize our program as a complete workout or integrate it with other programs including HIIT, traditional weight training and distance running/cycling. 

Benefits of Sustainable Fitness: 

  • Develops strength and lean muscle mass for enhanced metabolism.  Allows your body to burn more calories throughout your day (not just during the workouts). 
  • No gym membership required! Our program focuses on using a few key tools & your own body weight and can be performed almost anywhere.
  • Naturally increases resistance to injury by focusing on the fundamentals of core strength and body posture.  
  • Translates into improved performance and overall functionality in all other activities - ideal for athletes and the weekend warrior alike. 
  • Dynamic, empowering and FUN! 


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Steel Mace Training: 

The steel mace has been a tool in the warrior’s arsenal for thousands of years, from Persia to the great Nordic regions. The mace was used for battle conditioning, as a weapon of war, and often a gift for the bravest warriors. Ancient Pehlwani Indian wrestlers used the mace (gada) to mimic body movements and gain strength for functional mobility, much like a baseball player uses a weighted bat or an NFL lineman pushing a heavy sled. More recently, the practice of steel mace training has gained popularity among Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), athletes, who have incorporated the tool into their routines to improve their grappling, striking, and speed. 

The offset weight of the Steel Mace provides the key element in finding and correcting weaknesses in your upper and lower body, making you stronger and more versatile in your workouts and daily life. 

Steel Club Training: 

Since the dawn of mankind, Steel Clubs have been utilized as both tools and weapons. Early man harnessed the benefits of an offset loaded weight (club) that could gain momentum through the users applied force (torque), and deliver crushingly deadly blows with accuracy.  Every culture throughout history has utilized the club to improve their advantage in hunting, training, and warfare.

As usual the tools that have sculpted the great warriors of the past are still the tools that sculpt the warriors of today!  Unlike the clubs distant cousin the dumbbell, the displaced center of mass, combined with a vertical handle challenges the users sense of gravity and rotational movements. Steel clubs attract elite Athletes looking to improve their rotational mobility and grip strength, but are also ideal for the everyday warrior looking to enhance their current fitness routine.

Kettlebell Training:

From Russia, with Love!

“All of the unconventional tools are great, but you put me on a deserted island and give me one thing…I’m bringing my kettlebell.”  Aubrey Marcus (founder/owner of Onnit Academy)

Like the other tools in our Warrior’s arsenal, the Kettlebell boasts a simple design (think cannonball with a handle) with unlimited power and possibility! Wildly popular for their ability to combine cardio, strength and flexibility training using simple moves, Kettlebells have gained serious traction in the fitness world over the last several decades.

The exact origin of these tools can be tricky – they have been cited in 5th century Greece (known then as the haltere) and across the continents with Shablin Monks in China. It is Russia, however, that is most famously credited with developing and popularizing the “modern” kettlebell. Originally used by Russian farmers as weights to counterbalance crop scales in the 18th century, as time marched on, these men must have been looking for a challenge when they started tossing em around for sport. At the dawn of the 19th century they were being used as training tools in the Russian army and Kettlebell power lifting had become a competitive sport throughout Russia and Europe. Pavel Tsatsouline, a Russian Special Forces trainer/coach is widely considered the Godfather of the American Kettlebell movement.

Extremely versatile, the kettlebell can be found in nearly every gym in North America and can be incorporated into a fitness routine to achieve dramatic results in strength, flexibility and ascetics.  The trainers at Warrior Fitness Jax particularly love combining endurance training (high reps) with challenging grip changes (“juggling”) and a focus on an old fashioned, rock solid, core.

Used correctly these simple tools can deliver powerful, full body, results!

Coming Soon...

  • Functional Flow Body Weight Training